From first time buyers to investors with vast portfolios, we can help make the choice for the right mortgage for you. The independent team will sit down and go through your options with no obligation. It’s important, so they make sure they get it right.

Not everyone is the same, that’s why the team take a whole of market approach.

  • First time buyers
  • Buy-To-Let
  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Residential refinancing
  • Equity release – Home improvements or maybe an extension
  • Investors – recycle refinance

Property is a medium to long term investment

Property is a fairly illiquid asset class which means that it takes slightly longer to sell than holding shares or precious metals like gold. The transaction costs and taxes are generally higher. For these reasons it makes sense to hold on to the properties for a longer period of time.

Residential property prices in the U.K typically double every seven to ten years.

Use the banks’ money to make money

It makes sense, in most cases, to use bank loans to improve the profitability of your investment. For example, if you can obtain a loan at 3% interest and the property you purchase makes 8% income, then you are 5% better off in using the banks money. Obviously, if bank loans become more expensive then it would make sense to pay your loan off quicker.

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